About C & C Management

                             C & C Management was founded in 2005 in Tampa, FL with the idea of changing the world of sports management and creating a true family in the sports world. After opening our second office in 2011 in Los Angeles, CA the entertainment community started requesting the C & C family work ethic and vision. In 2012 C & C switched gears and focused on TV and film, now with the success and proven track record in sports and entertainment C & C opened its second office in Atlanta, GA in 2016. 



                                     C & C Management Business Philosophy:

                                             "Be a Blessing, not an obstacle."

                                                          S. Kaczor

The quote above is exactly what C & C Management wants to convey to its clients and their families. C & C Management wants to offer opportunities to those who have a gift and dreams of greatness. By mentoring and developing aspiring clients, C & C Management will strive to take their clients' diverse careers to the finest level of development, sustainability, and quality. While developing our client's careers, it's important to help them realize their aspirations, goals, and dreams. With 20 years of entertainment experience, C & C Management has the knowledge of the industry with a modern approach.

Another part of our focus will be to help those who want the opportunity and access in the entertainment world by creating avenues through foundations that C & C Management will establish. With maintaining the vision and what's important to our clients' lifestyle and families, we will continue to present them with opportunities. Overall, C & C Management is a company of vision, opportunity, and forward-thinking. Through teamwork and focus, our clients will flourish in the entertainment industry.

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